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IT for Business

Personalised IT servicing for business and home

Personalised IT Servicing

Besides providing multi-vendor quotations, bulk-purchasing discounts, competitive extended warranties, finance and leasing options, we can also provide custom configuration services to meet your business' needs.

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Trained Certified IT Specialists

Get advice from our team of technical sales specialists and solution engineers on planning, quoting, and deploying your IT infrastructure. We provide solutions for small, medium, and large companies geared towards meeting their needs and budgets.

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With choice, you can be assured of getting access to the best in IT Hardware, Software, Server Infrastructure, Networking, Backup, Storage, Security, and Cloud Solutions thanks to our 45,000 IT products from the world's most trusted IT providers.

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Wholesale pricing

Our transparent low price model means we will always offer the best prices for your IT equipment in New Zealand.


Supporting cloud services, hardware, and software is what we do in partnership with the most trusted technology vendors in the world

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We have product that suits your company

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