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Deep Data Recovery & Password

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Your very own technology assistant.

Troubleshoot your problem..

What should I do if I am unsure of the nature of the problem?

That is why we have come! Some customers would rather book an IT2ME service. A technician will come and analyse your drive to either resolve or diagnose the problem. If your problem necessitates a deep recovery drop off to the warehouse, we would give you a quote after the diagnostic. IT2ME is an excellent value that is immediate and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does IT2ME do data transfer from my current drive?

Yes, we do, unless the drive is corrupted - then we would need to make an analysis back at the warehouse to whether it will need deep recovery or not. 

How much does Deep data recovery cost?

IT2ME's Deep Recovery costs $60+GST for the diagnostic to see if it is needed, we then would drop it off at our warehouse to give the full run-through of whether the data is retrievable - this will cost an estimate of $600+GST, you will not be charged if you do not want to go head with the repair. 

My drive doesn't turn on, how can IT2ME fix my problem?

We would come onsite to perform a diagnostic, we then would provide you with a couple of options to ensure your drive is still working.

My drive still make a noise?

We would need to run some test before we can justify whether its retrievable or not.

Can I bring my drive to your shop?

We come to you! our services are fully onsite and it saves you time driving and having to wait at our offices which is a PLUS! You can now do all your work from home without the hassle.


Scared to lose your Data?

We got you covered!


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